Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Some numbers to think about . . .

44 - days until we start the Dopey Challenge.
47 - days until we're done.
914 - miles I've run this year.
97.1 - miles I've run so far this month.
107.2 - miles I ran in June (my "best" month).
38 - miles I'm scheduled to run from this Thursday to Sunday.
135.1 - November totals (if I stick to the schedule).
7,215 - dollars I have raised thus far for Team TSA.
2,504 - dollars Anne has raised thus far for Team TSA.
789 - dollars Darren has thus far for Team TSA.
655 - dollars Kyle has raised thus far for Team TSA.
11,163 - total dollars raised (thus far) by my family of runners.

496 - number of dollars Anne is still trying to raise to meet her $3,000 goal.

Some of these numbers make me proud (like $11,163 and 914 miles for the year) while others make me super nervous (38 miles in 4 days this week) and still others make me excited (only 44 days until we lace 'em up and start).  I am really looking forward to this week - only one Thanksgiving this year, which will mean more couch time and football watching for me (yay!).  And I've always loved the Thanksgiving Four Miler - but this year we have a ton of people running (9 to be exact) and that should be super fun.  And then to follow that up with 6 on Friday, 9 on Saturday and 19 on Sunday ... I am hoping that is a nice confidence builder as we start to see the finish line in sight.

And not to get too sappy, but anyone reading this who has not yet donated, please think about making a donation to Anne.  She is so close to her goal and every little bit helps.  Training for a marathon is difficult.  Training for a half marathon followed by a full marathon the next day is even more difficult.  Training alone is impossible.  I couldn't do this - I can't do this - without Anne.  Simple fact.  So, if your inclined, click the link to the right and make a donation.  And feel free to pass this along.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

50 Days to Dopey

I can hardly believe it but in only 50 days I will be driving past this sign:

Training has been going well - we've completed two 15 mile rules; a 16 mile run; a 17 mile run and an 18 mile run.  We still have a 19 mile run; a 20 mile run and a 21 mile run on the docket.  The long runs have been a challenge - not so much physically (although I am sore for the rest of the day) but mentally - it's just a long time to be out on the road - three miles between water stops; calculating pace and distance by looking at my watch over and over again and calculating and recalculating as we plod along.  At this point, I am very happy that we only have three more long runs.  Although I am certainly not ready for the marathon, I don't think I could handle more than a handful of long runs at this point.

We are still waiting for the course maps to be released.  I expect the marathon and half marathon courses to be the same (or similar) as last year, but am anxious to confirm that.  I am also excited to see the 5k course and the brand new 10k course.

We bought our plane tickets last week, so it is starting to feel "real" now.

The whole lot of us signed up for the Thanksgiving Four Miler in Portland next Thursday (Turkey Day!).  All three sisters and four cousins will be running this year - should be a great day!  I am going to use the holiday to see where I am at with another mini-Dopey - 4 miles on Thursday, 6.2 on Friday, 9 on Saturday and 19 on Sunday.  I figure that's as close to race week as I can get and should be a decent indicator of where we are at (not that we can do anything about it if we are not where we need to be).  I am a little worried now about the jump from our longest run (21 miles) to the marathon (26.2) - hoping Disney Magic and Pixie Dust is sufficient to carry us those last 5.2 miles.

So with only 50 days left (and three major holidays within those 50 days) I suspect the time will FLY by.  Need to stay focused on healthy habits, safe running, and consistent training.  Almost there!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

8 + 18

We did 8 miles yesterday and (gulp) 18 miles today.  We went slower today (10:22 pace) and it paid off, as we felt good the whole time and probably could have gone further - that's a good sign, right?

Three more long runs to go! 19, 20 and 21!

Here's a map from this morning:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Plowing ahead

Run 9 on Saturday (in the (relative) heat) and then 10 on Sunday (in the freezing cold).

Monday was a scheduled day off (yippie!)

Ran a nice 4 this morning - thank you daylight savings time!

Intake has been okay, but not great.

Looks like we'll have a ton of people running the Thanksgiving 4 Miler this year!  Kyle, Darren, BRENDA, Renee, Gib, Anne, me and Andy!  Should be a blast!  Plus, it makes it okay to have one more scoop of potatoes and another piece of pie!

4 tomorrow and Thursday.

8 on Saturday.

18 on Sunday (gulp!)

View from this morning - fall is over.  Winter is coming....

Friday, November 1, 2013

November Rain

Skipped all Halloween candy last night!  Woot Woot! I did, however, partake in some goldfish crackers (way too many crackers).  But I woke up this morning and ran - so that's something, right?  It was only 3 miles, but I was alone (I hate to run alone) and it was raining.  I only have 97 more miles to run this month!

A 13 year old iPod (note the "Sexy Accountant" behind him)

A bolt walking the streets of South Portland 
(got many comments and some extra candy for creativity)

Post-run picture from this morning
(lighting provided by headlamp and oncoming car - good times)