Thursday, August 14, 2014

Already failed

Post a day, my ass!  Just too busy to post.

I haven't been able to get up and run this week - my running partner is out with an injury and I just don't have the motivation to wake up early and run alone.  I did, however, hit the gym last night for 60 minutes on the elliptical machine.  It felt great!  Working out at night has a double bonus.  First, they have cable TV at the gym (which I, sadly, do not have at home) so I could watch actual TV (yay!).  Second, working out from 8-9 means that I am not snacking from 8-9 (another yay!).  I left the gym feeling good.  So good that I did not raid the fridge or stop at Red's for a shake!  I think I've decided that I will continue to try to run 2-3 times mid-week (with a long run on the weekend) but will add a few gym nights to the routine.  We'll see how that goes.  I am planning on going back tonight and again tomorrow, before heading "upta camp" mid-day tomorrow.

I'd like to see how I fare over the next two weeks.  Speaking of two weeks . . .

The boys and I will be there two weeks from today!

With our family trip last September and the Dopey trip in January, we bough Annual Passes!  So our park tickets are paid for and I got a sweet AP discount at All Star Sports.  It's almost free!  We'll be there for 4 park days and the plan is to "hit it hard" -  in at rope drop and staying until they kick us out!  We've got our FastPasses already (MK on Thursday, Studios on Friday, Epcot on Saturday and MK again on Sunday - we'll hit AK one morning, where Theo wants to "break his record" of riding Everest 8 times in a row).  

Cannot wait!!!  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A post a day?

Yeah, so it's been a while (again).  For whatever reason, it seems this blogging thing comes in fits and starts.  Most days I am just too tired to write anything, or I have nothing to say.  I think the successful bloggers (and how do we even measure success?) are those who write something just about every day.  But most days they really have nothing to add - it's all gibberish.  but who knows, maybe that's what blogging as all about, right?

So I am going to try to post something every day for a bit.  I was going to say for the week, but I will be on the island this weekend and the cell reception is spotty at best and, let's be honest, who wants to blog while on an island off the coast of Maine - answer: not this guy!

I've been trying to get to running more with limited success.  I am blaming it on the heat, but it's really not that hot here, so it's probably something else altogether.  We start our serious Dopey Challenge training in September (we'll be following pretty much the same schedule as last year).  We've been running about 8-12 miles (mostly 8-10) each weekend to build a strong base.  We definitely ran more of those last year, but I think we'll be fine - as long as we get serious in September.  The mid-week runs (4-5 miles) are the ones that have suffered this year.  Again - blaming the heat.

Anyways, that's all for today - nothing earth-shattering, just gibberish.  But here are some pictures from last weekend on the island.

View, looking east to Caldwell Island and Port Clyde, from camp.

Jonny getting ready to grill on the beach.

Super moon rising over Port Clyde.

Sun rising on Monday as I leave for work.