Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 2 - freezing 5k, Animal Kingdom, Epcot

It was really really cold this morning. Sure, not -9 like back home but none of YOU were in tutus or sleeveless shirts!

We were up at 4:30 and on a bus to the start well before 5. Here we are outside the TSA tent. The Tourette's people (and perhaps others) think we are crazy!  Oh yeah, my tutu lit up!

Here we are in Epcot before the sun is up. This is around mile 1.5 or so. After this dude took this picture for us he did a double take and said "wait!  You're a DUDE?!?"  BOOM!

Nearing the finish ...

We met up with the folks and B at the finish, hopped on a bus back to our hotel and were at the Animal Kingdom by 9, where we ran into Chip and Dale. (Note that everyone is bundled up! Brrrrr)

Shots from AK ...

Lion King

Everest!  Where BOTH kids left their phones and wallets!  All items were retrieved!  See?

We headed to Eocot for a quick visit this evening. 

Weren't we here like 12 hours ago?

These thingys in front of Epcot - always wished  I had purchased one back in the day. 
Trying to be artsy (and trying to do a backbend again). 

Well Day 1 is done. It's 9 pm, which makes this a ... 16 and a half hour day (I think - my wee brain is not working at maximum capacity). 10k costumes are laid out and everyone is in bed. Alarms are set for 3:16 am!  And we'll do it all again...


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