Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 3 - 10k

Back at it early this morning! Alarms started chirping at 3:16 and we all (11 of us) met at 3:30 AM!  

Eyore and Pooh. 

Took a bus to the start and Hun out in the Team TSA tent for a while. We were definitely getting some looks - especially when we were all together. 

The view from Corral D

In Epcot before the sun is up (again)

Made it!  Medal Time!

After a quick shower, it was off to Holkywood Studios, where dreams come true (and where it is still freezing cold!) 

Then ... Epcot again!

Look! It's "lucky Cats" in the Japanese Pavilion - "Romance, Parience and Success" young grasshopper. 

Post Parks/Pre TSA Dinner power nap:

TSA Dinner was great (again) - with speeches from Jaylen of Jaylen's Challenge, Hearher West (Hell's Kitchen Season 2 winner) and the Brady Brothers. All very inspiring and emotional. I think it's time for a good cry and a nice night's sleep. 

The Brady Brothers. 

It's almost 9 and I am (a) not in bed yet; (b) not even at my hotel and (c) really tired. Ugh. Alarm goes off in a little over 6 hours. 


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