Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 4 - Incredible Half

Another short night/early morning. Alarm went off at 3:16 AM and it was chilly (again) - low 40's. 

Here we are at the hotel pool. 

The view from Corral H

The start!

Approaching the Magic Kingdom!

Backstage as we enter the Magic Kingdom 

Hugging Lou from WDW Radio (againn)

This is magic!

We started getting photo requests from other runners, which was cool. 

Here we are outside the Wedfing Pavilion 

And here we are with the Army Guy who made us do push-ups, yelled that we were too slow and NOT Incredible and then chased us (literally)

Stilt dudes (mile 11)

Nearing the finish!

Getting closer!


Took a quick shower and went back to ... Epcot!

Theo trying Coke from around the world 

Theo playing in China. 

I took a wee nap and then we were off to the Beach Club for our massages!!!  I love this place - reminds me of old New Englabd (that probably never really existed). 

Then a great pasta dinner at the Swan and .... WALMART RUN!

It's almost 9; I'm in bed; my feet are tired and sore; and the alarm is set for 3:16 again. 6 hours!  26.2 miles. 


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