Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 5 - the BIG one!

Ugh. Alarms went off at 3:16 again and we met by the pool at 3:30 again. Although this time we had Walmart bathrobes (yay!) but the coffee addicted ladies were forced to drink coffee out of Tupperware bowls. Good times. 

The view from Corral H. 

The start!

We've been here before!

And we've seen LOU before!

We picked up a kick ass Navy Comander (Amy) who was also running for Tourette's 

The Groomsmen remembered us from our Incredibles costumes the day before. We shared a moment. 

Just keep running!

Back stage area entering the Animal Kingdom 

Expedition Everest was not running this year (boooo) but we soldiered on until...

The only thing that could revive them ... Phineas and Ferb!!!

Then into Hollywood Studios!

Where were these guys yesterday!?!?

Yeah! Hollywood Studios!!!

Had to make a brief stop at Mexico (Mile 25 point something) to .... Ummmm ... Yeah ... BUY MARGARITAS!!!


And ... After months of training and days of cold mornings ... D.U.N. 

As is our custom, we caught the next bus bask to the hotel, took a shower (and an ice bath) and hit the Magic Kingdom!!!

Village haus 
Fire Station
"New" Fantasyland 

Then it was off the Chef Mickeys - 15 of us!!!

And then??? Lost a few but several of us stayed  in the park to ride a few more rides and to get those last minute gifts. 

In the end, it was just Theo and I. We made it back to our room around midnight. Alarms went off this morning at 4:20 (sleeping in, baby!)  We were at the airport at 6, throught security by 6:30 and on our plane a little after 7. We are currently about to land at BWI 

We've got an hour and then our flight to PWM. God willing, we'll be back to Portland by noon and back home by 12:45. And then BACK TO BED!!!

Tomorrow I will download our MagicPhotoPass pictures and post them. After that I will post some of the official race pics. 

I think Renee, Anne and I will run again this weekend - maybe we'll figure out the next crazy thing to do!  B??? You in???


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