Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 6 - travel (boo)

Got to sleep in today!!! Until 4:30!

We were at the airport by 6; through security by 6:30; boarding at 7. Lots of runDisney bling walking around the airport. Next thing I knew - BOOM! BWI 

We had about 45
Minutes to get to our next flight - plenty of time. 

Here we are leaving Baltimore. 

And here we are landing in Portland (75 minutes later) freaking SNOW!)

Yup - we're home. Like we never left. 

All in all ... I'm glad we did it again. I think I was more sore this time around, but still able to hit the parks and ride the rides. Learned a lot about doing thinks different should we do it again. Theo is already talking about trying to run the half marathon. Hmmmmmm. 

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