Tuesday, January 6, 2015

We're Ba-ack!

Well it's been a long time, eh?  Too long!

Let me make a weak attempt to get everyone caught up ...

Decided to run the Dopey Challenge again. 

Been training with my two sisters. 

Theo, my parents and Hope are going to run the 10k. Andy was going to run the half, but had a medical situation (not running related) and is on the DL for another few weeks. 

Renee and her family left for Disney this morning, we leave (11 of us) tonight!  Heading to Manchester for the night and fly out early (EARLY) tomorrow morning. 

Here are some pictures of our training. Lame, I know. I will try to post mucho pictures over the coming days. 

And one from last year!

Let's do this (again)!

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