Monday, August 24, 2015

Well hello there!

It's been a long time!  I suppose I could go back and check (but I am too lazy for that) but it seems like I actively blog in the summer and fall and right up to the Dopey and then . . . .NOTHING!  Well, that was the pattern this past year anyways.

But I am back now and I am going to make an effort to be a little more consistent.  Let me first give the post-Dopey update and then well touch on upcoming stuff....

Post Dopey I was excited to try to run a  half marathon a month for  . . . . . well, I decided to shoot for 5 months (through May) and see how I felt.  I ran the Cape Mid-Winter 10 Miler on a frigid Super Bowl Sunday - Felt great (and NOT deflated)!  Was going to Run/Walk but ended up just running - first time I've run that far in a long time without a walk - set a 10 mile PR (1:27:16 - an 8:43 pace and 19th in my age division (out of 20 probably!)).

I was then signed up to run a half in Massachusetts in February (there were none in Maine - go figure!)  And, yes, I think I ran on this day:

But the race was cancelled a week out due to too much snow on the ground.  I tried to find another February race but there was nothing close by.  So my goal of running a half a month lasted . . . . . ONE MONTH!  Yeah!  But it really WAS a snowy month . . . .

Andy went to Mascot BootCamp in Pennsylvania in March, so I ran the Caesar Rodney Half that weekend in Delaware.  I decided to run the first two miles and then switch to Run/Walk.  Went out pretty fast (8:23; 8:21) and then tried to maintain.  Run/Walking alone on a race course is a little emasculating - lots of "you're doing it, buddy" and "are you okay?"  In any event, I powered up many many many hills and finishing with a PR of 1:53:31 (8:39 pace).  Slowest mile was Mile 9 (8:48); fastest was Mile 8 (7:40).  I was psyched!  A little sore, but psyched.  My "normal" half time is around 2:05:00 - 2:11:00 and my previous PR was 2:01:56, so I was happy with my time.


Finish (in under 2 hours!)

After the race (and BootCamp Graduation) we picked up Theo and headed to DC for the Tourette Association's Youth Ambassador Training Program and Lobbying effort.  The boys met with all four members of the Maine Congressional Delegation!

Senator Collins

Senator King

Congresswoman Pingree

Congressman Poliquin

John and I continued to run 3 miles most weekday mornings (sometimes with Katy) and Ne, Anne and I continued to run 8-10 miles on the weekend.

And then a nice big group run on my birthday!

In April, Anne and I ran the God awful "Race the Runways" half in Brunswick.  It was cold and miserable and it really ISN'T fun running on an abandoned air base.

Cool medal

Renee and I met up with Brenda, Tom and Kyle and ran the Providence Half the first weekend in May.  The goal was to run the first two miles and then Run/Walk the rest and try to finish in under 2 hours.  Success!

I have not run any additional Halfs since Providence, but Brenda, Darren and I are all signed up for .....

Very Excited!  I've never been to Disneyland!  It'll be a quick trip - but I am so looking forward to it!

So here are some additional pictures from our many adventures since I last wrote:

Renee took a stumble in February, but a visit to Dunkin Donuts made is all better!

You know it's bad when your sister shows up to run in the Exact Same Outfit (and you are too lazy to go up and change)

Andy's been busy with band, tennis and prom (gulp)
Memorial Day Parade

Andy and Sarah (Cape Elizabeth Junior Prom)

Theo's been busy with Camp, Juggling and General Tom-Foolery

Checking into Camp Twitch and Shout

History Lesson: "Dad, what's the 'War for Southern Independence'?"

Circus Freak

Space Theme

And just to show that we ARE crazy, Renee, Anne and I have signed up for another Dopey!  

We have maintained a nice base of 10-12 mile runs each weekend and are planning to start training in earnest in September (following the training schedule that has worked well for us these past two years).  Anyone interested in donating to the cause can do so at

As the training runs increase in distance and frequency, I will try to write more and more.